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It's a fine line between, "I'm not hungry" and, "Can I have some more?"


Imagine the sweet satisfaction that comes from watching your kids clean their plates and ask you for seconds.


Don't worry, we won't tell anyone that we did all the cooking.

We help busy, hardworking parents like you step back from the meal prep so you can spend more time with your family making memories and having fun.

Nutritious, homemade

meals your kids will love


Meals are created by our Registered Dietitian, and prepared with love by our in-house Chefs with fresh, local ingredients.

You're going to be the rockstar of meal time.


Log in to your account, place your order for the week, check out and you're done in less than five minutes.

Your peace of mind for the next week? Priceless.


We deliver, you heat them up in under 3 minutes and your kids will be eating before they have time to ask for a snack.

Oh Snap.


No subscription, fees or minimum order requirement. You choose what you want, when you want, as often as you want!

You deserve it.

How LM2GO Works

Ted, our founder emigrated from Greece over 50 years ago and brought the Greek way of life, known as Philotimo with him. Philotimo, is a feeling that you can never do enough for your family, friends and community. Our version of Philotimo is happy families, spending more time together.


We're a completely family owned and operated company in Northern California and we love nothing more than making sure your kids leave the table with an empty plate, full tummy and a big smile.


Our meals are, well, delicious. And backed with over 30 years of experience, we've mastered what kids like to eat. We've been creating and serving balanced, delicious meals that kids love in schools throughout California for well over 30 years.

Now, your children can enjoy our meals in the comfort of home sweet home.

Crafted with Integrity, Made with Love

Check Out Our Meal Options

Dietitian-approved recipes that will keep your kids coming back for more, saving you both time and money and helping you focus on what really matters.

FREE Shipping when you order 5 or more meals

Food Allergies? We've got you covered.

Just click which allergens you'd like to exclude from your meals and they will disappear from your list of available options. You only need to set this feature up once (or adjust if anything changes).

Why do we Vacuum Seal?

  • Meals have a 10-day shelf life, lasting 3-5 times longer than food stored in standard plastic or glass containers.

  • Whether you eat your meal on Day 1 or Day 10, it will be as moist and flavorful as the day we made it. Guaranteed.

  • Vacuum sealing preserves the complete nutrient profile of your meal.